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Thank you for taking time to read our website. I could not be prouder to be the headteacher of such a wonderful school. As the head, I was keen to find out what staff felt about Glemsford Primary Academy. On the first day of term, before the children had started, I asked all of the teachers, office staff and teaching assistants to tell me what makes Glemsford Primary Academy such a special place. You will be pleased to hear that there were no awkward silences, instead staff talked warmly and passionately about our school. Rather than try and put their ideas into a paragraph, I have written down exactly what they put and bulleted them all in no particular order.


  • A great atmosphere.
  • Everyone in the school is valued and respected.
  • We are a tight team.
  • Inspirational.
  • A school at the heart of a village community.
  • Children are extremely well behaved and have great attitudes to learning.
  • Polite children who are resilient.
  • Caring.
  • Respectful.
  • Pride.
  • Family friendly with great support from parents.
  • Positive.
  • Diverse.
  • Welcoming and nurturing.
  • Safe.
  • Encouraging of everyone.
  • Happy.
  • A school with a great history and traditions.
  • Open to change.

These are not just words. I see these wonderful things happening every single day at Glemsford. In the summer term, the hard work form all the staff and children alongside the support from the Unity Schools Partnership once again produced excellent academic results. We have had two consecutive years where our SATs results have been above the national average. We are extremely proud of what we have achieved but will never become complacent because we know we can get even better

Glemsford Primary Academy is proud to be a school in which love and high expectations prosper. We believe that when children know they are loved and valued, they feel confident within themselves; when they feel confident, they work and play hard and they achieve their potential. So at Glemsford we know and love our children and we have very high expectations for their behaviour and their learning.

And we believe in respect too, in fact we model it for our children, in our assemblies, in our culture and ethos and in the daily conversations between staff and pupils. Mutual respect is key and so we have one simple rule at Glemsford: we treat others as we wish to be treated ourselves.

We believe in raising aspirations and developing a growth mindset for everyone in our community. There is no limit to what we can achieve together, through hard work and plenty of self-belief.

The best way to find out what makes Glemsford so special is to visit us. I will be delighted to tell you more about our school, of which we are all very proud.


Serving our community

Glemsford Primary Academy is part of the Unity Schools Partnership Multi-Academy Trust. Being part of a bigger family offers us so many things: shared expertise, support and training, combined events and access to all kinds of opportunities for our children to link up with others.

Our school is housed in a uniquely characterful, Victorian building of Grade 2 listing. When the original clock up in the clock tower reaches ten to nine each morning, a Year 6 pupil takes their turn to pull the long cord and sound the old bell, for the beginning of school. Traditions like these are important to us.

We are fortunate to have two large fields and a range of facilities for gardening, outdoor adventures, climbing and playing together. Physical activity is valued as much as academic thought at Glemsford and we like to provide as many opportunities as we can for them to be outside, from ‘Muddy Mondays’ in Reception to Gardening Club.

We are situated at the centre of Glemsford, and we are proud to be a hub of the village, with strong links to many voluntary organisations and societies.


Working together

We have three core values at Glemsford:


Trust – we believe in earning the trust of parents and pupils, through mutual respect and open communication at all times so that we can work together in partnership.


Ambition – we work hard to raise aspirations across the whole community and to help children to recognise their great potential.


Collective Responsibility – we believe in working, playing and learning together to make a better future for everyone.

As an academy within the Unity Schools Partnership , we are proud to be part of a greater family that believes academic success is inextricably linked to confidence and responsibility. We celebrate the Trust’s aims to develop:

Successful Learners

Confident Individuals

Responsible Citizens

Confidence and responsibility are recurring themes for us at Glemsford and we work hard to incorporate these qualities in everything we do, so that our children can find success in education and in their lives ahead.   


Broadening minds

We know that school is not just about receiving and retaining knowledge, it is about learning how to think and learning how to learn. We plan our lessons to ensure they not only include the knowledge, skills and concepts of a rigorous academic curriculum, but also to encourage a cross-curricular approach to thinking and learning skills. We believe in providing challenge through careful use of questions, because we know that children are most engaged when they are curious.

The academy is introducing a new curriculum using knowledge based organisors and a themed approach that is based on learning styles and encouraging a broad range of skills. It is a thematic curriculum that engages and enthuses the children and staff, whilst addressing the wide range of multiple intelligences that children exhibit. 


Raising aspirations

We believe we have a duty to present to our children as many opportunities as possible to try new things and to find out where their interests and strengths lie. We have fourteen after-school clubs and many lunchtime clubs too, ranging from Thinking Club, to Gardening Club, School Magazine Club, Lego Club, Cookery Club and Football Club, plus many more. There are very few things you cannot try at Glemsford. We are introducing new clubs every term.

We are keen to raise our children’s aspirations, so we welcome visiting speakers from diverse fields and professions to come in and speak to our children. And we encourage every year group to experience at least one off-school trip per term, every term.


Fostering attitudes

At Glemsford we pride ourselves on the excellent behaviour and attitudes of our children. Our golden rule of treating others as we wish to be treated ourselves is underpinned by the Glemsford Scales. This is a programme which balances rights with responsibilities – encouraging all of our children to recognise that being a good citizen means balancing one’s own wants and needs with the wants and needs of others.


Our Glemsford Scales are:




Be yourself                                          Tolerate differences in others

Express yourself freely                      Respect other’s beliefs and feelings

Be treated with kindness                   Be kind to others

Learn as much as you can                Allow others to learn

Say when you need help                    Help and support others in need

Be positive and confident                  Provide encouragement to others

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